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Cannabis CBD butter or Marrakech CBD butter is the base for most cannabis dishes. Knowing how to prepare food will help you unleash your creative culinary potential to deliver a delicious and powerful dish.

Note that there are many ways to make cannabis butter, the following recipe is just one of them.

First of all, a little warning. Cooking with water and fat can be very dangerous if you are not prepared or clumsy. We strongly recommend that you wear long sleeves and heat resistant gloves. If you do not follow these precautions, you risk burning yourself, which is your responsibility.

Making a Marrakech CBD butter has two objectives: to decarboxylate the CBD flower so that its effects are revealed and to integrate the flower into the butter, as it is better ingested by the body when accompanied by a fat.

Preparation steps


By preparing a large quantity, you will always have some on hand for your different recipes. The butter of Marrakech freezes very well. Opt for small portions (30 to 50 g) to facilitate its use later, because once frozen, this butter becomes very hard and brittle.

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