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GemmaCert Professional makes it easy to perform internal testing to ensure your products are effective, consistent, safe and compliant. To facilitate the consistent delivery of a high quality product.


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Do you need an accurate , professional-grade analyzer for your cannabis or hemp production? Active CBD has the solution you are looking for.

The GemmaCert Professional – THC/CBD Analyzer is a fast and reliable way to test your samples internally before sending them to an external lab for more formal testing. It can test dried flower buds, clippings, solvent-free extracts and ethanol-based extracts. You can also use it to test cannabis and hemp, with the ability to detect total THC levels as low as 0.2% .

The GemmaCert Professional – THC/CBD Analyzer not only saves you the hassle of sending samples to external labs before you’re ready, it also allows you to perform:

GemmaCert Professional can:

  • Test samples in-house before starting the formal testing process
  • Test materials including dried flower buds, trimmings, and crude extract (solvent-free and ethanol-based)
  • Test both cannabis and hemp materials
  • Test total THC levels as low as 0.2%
  • Using water activity analysis to predict mold growth
  • Produce professional certificates of analysis
  • Identify the optimal harvest time
  • Improve earnings predictability
  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your product
  • Build customer trust and brand loyalty

What are the advantages of GemmaCert over other analyzers?

  • Unbeatable price / quality ratio : You will not find another more accurate cannabis analyzer and the price of the GemmaCert is one of the most economical on the market.
  • Simple to use : No special knowledge required, portable and can be used anywhere.
  • Fast Results : Typically takes 1-10 days to receive test results on common media.
  • Innovative technology : Complies with CE and ROHS regulations, meets IEC / EN international standards and its patent number is US10458908B2.

GemmaCert Professional contains :


Purpose: Verification and analysis of hemp and cannabis potency, measuring:

  • Total THC: 0.877 THCA + Delta-9-THC
  • Total CBD: 0.877 CBDA + CBD
  • Total CBG: 0.877 CBGA + CBG
  • Water Activity (aw):< 0.55-0.65>

Works with :

  • Whole Dried Flowers with a maximum moisture content of 15%
  • Shredded material, including waste and biomass
  • Crude oil (currently crude ethanol extract only)


  • NIR spectroscopy
  • Image analysis
  • Movement mechanics
  • Data science

Duration of an analysis : Between 2 and 5 minutes

Sample preparation : No

Sample destruction: Non-destructive testing – sample remaining intact after analysis

Calibration: Automatic

User interface : Android V5 and above (iOS compatibility coming soon)


  • Spectrometer
  • Lighting
  • Camera
  • Movement device
  • Control
  • Communications module


  • Minimum detection limit for flower/size/extract: 0.2% THC/CBD
  • Maximum detection limit for flowers/size: 30% THC, 20% CBD
  • Maximum detection limit for extract: 70% THC, 60% CBD

Precision :

  • Flowers/Earth:
    • Within +/- 10% of actual potency for THC and CBD
    • If the actual potency is 8% THC, GemmaCert will indicate between 7.2% and 8.8% THC
  • Extract:
    • CBD: +/- 2.5%
      • If the actual potency is 40% CBD, GemmaCert will yield between 37.5% and 42.5%
    • THC: +/- 6%
      • If the actual potency is 50% THC, GemmaCert will yield between 44% and 56%

Repeatability (THC & CBD):

  • Whole flowers: up to 1.5%
  • Ground material: up to 0.6%
  • Accuracy and repeatability improve over time with live updates

Portability : lightweight desktop unit

Connectivity : Bluetooth

Power Source : 6vdc via standard 110/220 ac2dc power supply

Storage temperature : -10 C to +45 C

Operating temperature : +10 C to +35 C


  • Height : 224mm
  • Upper diameter : 144 mm
  • Base diameter : 166 mm

Weight: 1.958 grams including power supply

Regulatory compliance :

  • THIS
  • TuV
  • RoHS
  • German Pharmacopeia
  • IEC/EN standards:
    • 61010-1:2010
    • EN 61000-6-1:2007
    • EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011
    • ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1
    • UL/CSA 61010-1, FCC part 15B
    • ICES-003, EN 301489-1
    • EN 301489-17
    • EN 61326-1

Maintenance : Occasionally dispose of leftover cannabis


[ GemmaCert FAQ]



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  • Anonymous

    Appareil au top !

    Depuis que j’ai acheté le GemmaCert pro je peux enfin être sur et garantir des produits avec un taux de CBD qui respect la législation.L’appareil permet de mesurer des taux de THC allant jusqu’à 0.2%. Une vraie découverte, je recommande cet Appareil portatif a tout ceux qui ont une boutique des CBD !

    Tuesday 14 June 2022
    Verified Review
  • LaGTeK

    Superbe appareil d'analyse

    Superbe appareil d’analyse, précis et pratique !

    Friday 25 March 2022

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