CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids: they are found in hemp (cannabis in Latin), and they are part of the active ingredients of the plant, such as terpenes or flavonoids. CBD is increasingly studied and recognized around the world, and a significant amount is found in industrial hemp grown in Europe. Among the 144 existing cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG , CBC, CBN , etc.), CBD seems the most promising of all.

Le CBD, qu’est ce que c’est ?


CBD is a cannabinoid that is called ‘phyto-cannabinoid’ because it comes from the hemp plant. We can also mention syntho-cannabinoids (synthetically produced) and endo-cannabinoids (produced by our body). All the products that you will find on the Active CBD store are of course derived from the hemp plant.

It is now known because it is found in abundance in hemp that has been grown in Europe for hundreds of years, and it does not offer, unlike its cousin THC, a psychotropic effect. Thus, according to numerous studies and consumer feedback, it seems to be able to help regain well-being and relaxation without modifying one’s consciousness or perception.

D’ou vient le CBD ?

CBD comes from hemp: it is an ancestral plant, probably the oldest plant domesticated by man. We find traces of its use from -4000 BC, then throughout the history of humanity. Industrial hemp differs from common cannabis because it contains little or no THC, and therefore does not provide psychotropic effects. The latter is also widely used in many other fields, thanks to the nutritional content of its seeds and the resistance of its stems: food, cosmetics, medical, industrial, building, etc…

Indeed, hemp is one of the most used plants on the planet. It is robust and allows multiple uses: from the first printed bible, to the sails of Christopher Columbus, through the clothes of the soldiers in the trenches, its use and its resistance are considerable. Its cultivation does not require external chemical inputs, such as fertilizers or pesticides, and requires very little water. Hemp is therefore a robust plant, which allows multiple uses, without having to use chemicals.

All the products on the Active CBD store are made from organic European hemp, showing no traces of pesticides, heavy metals or chemical fertilizers.

CBD : comment fonctionne-t-il ?

Cannabidiol stimulates the endo-cannabinoid system: it represents a set of receptors that can be found in many parts of the human body. It stabilizes and regulates the balance of important factors in the body: its homeostasis (appetite, sleep, temperature, stress, etc.). CBD, unlike other cannabinoids, does not directly influence these receptors, but rather stimulates the production of endo-cannabinoids (produced by our body).

Like humans, animals also have this system of cannabinoid receptors: they are therefore just as reactive to the supply of CBD. By dropping CBD oil on their food or directly under their tongue, you can give them the benefits of Cannabidiol.

Quels sont les différents modes d’administration du CBD ?

Les fleurs de CBD

They represent the purest and rawest way to enjoy the benefits of hemp and its content: cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Hemp flowers do not undergo extraction or modification, you will find the natural content of the plant, without treatments or other external inputs.

They are used in several ways, the best known of which is herbal tea. Each of the CBD flowers distributed by Active CBD complies with French legislation.

Les résines de CBD

CBD resins come from plant matter, which we will extract and compress to obtain a compact and malleable material. Inside are of course all the components of hemp, and particularly the CBD and the terpenes which are responsible for the aromas.

Les huiles de CBD

The most widely used form of Cannabidiol is CBD oil. There are different kinds. They consist of a natural vegetable oil, such as olive oil or hemp seed oil for example, and a hemp extract rich in CBD. Available in a dropper bottle, simply place the desired number of drops under the tongue, wait 30-60 seconds then swallow with or without a glass of water.

Thanks to its passage through the mucous membranes, CBD will be more easily absorbed, and will be felt within 30 minutes of taking it. Vegetable oil being a fatty substance, it reinforces the assimilation of Cannabidiol by the body.

Each drop of CBD oil, depending on its content, will deliver a different level of CBD:

  • Huile de CBD 300mg : 1.5mg de CBD par goutte
  • Huile de CBD 600mg : 3mg de CBD par goutte
  • Huile de CBD 900mg : 4.5mg de CBD par goutte
  • Huile de CBD 2000mg : 10mg de CBD par goutte

Les extractions de CBD

By carrying out an extraction operation on hemp plant material, one can obtain, depending on the processes used, extractions in their pure form: only the active ingredients are found there, and no plant material at all. We can mention several types of extractions, as you can find on our Active CBD store: distillate, crumble or isolate. They allow you to add CBD and the other active ingredients of hemp to your homemade preparations, or to be consumed as is.

Les e-liquides de CBD

CBD e-liquids represent one of the best-known forms of Cannabidiol use: it can be used very simply in your usual electronic cigarette, without having to make any modifications. Many consumers of CBD e-liquids have been able to reduce or even stop their consumption of tobacco or nicotine. CBD e-liquids also allow you to deliver a strong supply of CBD to your body, thanks to its passage through the pulmonary alveoli.

Les crèmes de CBD

CBD has been studied for a long time for its action on the skin: it seems to be able to deeply relieve and hydrate the epidermis, without drying it out. In addition, its action on skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or acne has regularly been highlighted by scientific publications. CBD cosmetics are available on our store.

Le CBD est il légal en France ?

Yes, CBD (Cannabidiol) is perfectly legal in France and in Europe, as long as the products concerned do not contain more than 0.2% THC: this is the case for all the products available on our Active CBD store.

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Still wondering about CBD? do not hesitate to consult our FAQ about CBD.

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