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In recent years, many countries have legalized cannabis, but Thailand has long been the exception, banning the plant. Today, Thailand is making up for lost time: it has just authorized doctors to prescribe cannabis as medicine. The news comes after the government’s National Legislative Assembly approved a measure that made medical use of the drug legal – and according to some officials, even recreational use should be considered now. After decades of international pressure to legalize medical cannabis and at least one 2015 legislative attempt that stalled before reaching a vote, the Southeast Asian nation is taking a big step forward in its approach to marijuana policy by finally passing a law that makes it possible for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in certain cases. The law requires that all health care professionals who want to prescribe marijuana must first complete a two-hour training course on how best to do so safely and effectively-not too much compared to the requirements (or lack thereof) in other countries.

After a long period of pressure from the government, Thailand has legalized cannabis.

Thailand has finally legalized cannabis. The country, long known for its strict drug policies and harsh penalties for those found in possession of drugs, now allows the medical use of cannabis under certain circumstances. In addition to this change in legislation, the Thai government has also announced that it will initiate research into the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how it can be used to treat diseases such as epilepsy and cancer.

Thailand’s Minister of Public Health, Dr. Pornthep Siriwanarat, said: “We are reviewing our policy on marijuana in Thailand because of the many people who are asking about its use for medical purposes.”

the cannabis has been used around the world throughout history as part of traditional medicine practices by cultures, including those in areas such as Africa, Asia and South America, where it grows naturally or has been imported from elsewhere (usually Europe).

It’s not exactly legal everywhere, but it is legal for medical use.

  • It is not quite legal everywhere.
  • It is legal for medical use, but not for recreational use.
  • The law allows the cultivation of cannabis plants for research purposes and also allows for a license to grow cannabis plants for medical purposes, provided it is under a government license (or a license granted by the Department of Public Health).

This may encourage more people to try it.

This may encourage more people to try it.

Cannabis has been legal since the new year, so it’s easier than ever to get it. People who were afraid of getting into trouble can now feel comfortable trying it. It is also possible that cannabis will become more widely available as a result of this change in law; this could mean that more people will be able to apply for prescriptions for medical use and then seek out legal dispensaries where they can purchase the drug, rather than seeking out illegal dealers or buying online (which is risky).

It is also legal for research.

As with many new drugs, there is much confusion about cannabis and its uses.

The best way to get accurate information is to do some research. Research can provide answers to questions such as:

  • What are the health benefits of cannabis?
  • What are the health risks of cannabis?
  • Are there any other effects I should know about before using it?

Cannabis has long been recognized for its medical benefits, but it has been illegal in the country until now.

Thailand has an interesting history with cannabis, which is worth exploring before we get to the new stuff.

Cannabis has been illegal in Thailand for a long time. Until now, it was only legal to grow and use hemp for industrial purposes such as rope or paper production, but not for recreational or medicinal purposes. However, the country had no real restrictions on its import – and indeed, it could be found in some Thai markets even when the drug was illegal.

But that all changed last week when the Thai cabinet voted unanimously to legalize medical marijuana (MMJ). It is not yet fully legalized: users must obtain permission from the Ministry of Public Health before they can purchase cannabis products containing more than 1% THC. Those who want to grow their own plants must first get permission from the local authorities as well as an MMJ license issued by the ministry itself; this means that you will need both permission from your government and proof that you are licensed by it before you can…

It is still not legal for recreational use, despite the opinion of some officials that it should be.

The government wants to make it legal for recreational use, but some officials believe it should remain illegal. The majority of these officials are unsure of the exact benefits of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. The others are not sure either and think we should wait a little longer before making a decision.

Polls show that most people do not support the legalization of recreational use in Thailand.

While cannabis use is illegal in Thailand, polls show that most people do not support the legalization of recreational use in Thailand. The government is still working on legislation that would legalize recreational use and is expected to be passed next year. In addition to legalizing recreational use, the government is also working on legislation that would make medical use legal.

Takeaway: While cannabis is not yet fully legal, nor is it considered fully beneficial, it is a step forward to consider it a human right and one less product on the market.

It is important to note that cannabis is not fully legal in Thailand. The Ministry of Health recently issued a regulation allowing the importation, production and distribution of medical cannabis products in Thailand. However, recreational use is still prohibited by law.

While this may seem like a setback, it is actually a step forward for the country’s position on cannabis legalization. If you wish to purchase marijuana legally in Thailand, your only option at this time is to obtain an official prescription from your doctor before traveling to the country with the intention of using it during your visit.


In the future, we hope that more research will be done on cannabis, and it seems like a good time to start. We must also be aware of the negative effects of cannabis use. Although this law has been passed, many people still do not support legalization because they fear it will lead to increased crime and addiction rates.

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