Organic Hemp Oil 5% CBD 5% CBN 5% CBG “Comfort Formula”, 10ml

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Organic hemp oil bottle of 10ml containing 5% of CBD (500mg), 5% of CBG (500mg), 5% of CBN (500mg) and 0% of THC. Our oils are composed of pure, natural ingredients and rich in cannabinoids. It’s the perfect combination to help you on a daily basis!

TheOil 5% CBD 5% CBG 5% CBN “Comfort Formula” to a medium concentration, an ideal choice those who know the CBD. This oil allows you to start gently and regularly to find the best dosage for you.
If needed our CBD dosage calculator is here to help you find the right dosage.


Capacity : 10mL

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5% CBD 5% CBG 5% CBN Oil is an oil enriched with C anna B i G erol ( CBG ), which could be useful to help relieve inflammation of the joints, but also to soothe the digestive system and protect the inflammatory neurological system. It could act on the nerve impulses responsible for pain signals, making it a potential ally against chronic pain of all kinds…

If you’ve tried other CBD products with no results, 5% CBD 5% CBG 5%CBN Oil might just be what you need to bring real change to your life.

🌿 CBD Extracts Oil 5%CBD 5%CBG 5%CBN
🌿 Ingredients Organic hemp oil, CBD (5%), CBG (5%), CBN (5%)
🧪Extraction Cold pressed
⚗️CBD concentration. 5% (500 mg)
🍭 Flavors Hemp
✔️ Potential effects Relaxing

The potential effects of CBD Oil 20% are

CBD5% CBG5% CBN5% Nobilis oil is a cannabinoid concentrate that contains CBD (CannaBiDiol), CBN (CannaBiNol) and CBG (CannaBiGerol). The latter(of which there are more than a hundred) are known for their potential relaxing effects. According to recent research, they also help people fall asleep and soothe certain pains.

Composition :

  • 90% Hemp seed oil from organic farming;
  • Hemp flower extracts also from organic farming;
  • 5% CBD, 5% CBG and 5% CBN obtained through a clean and safe process for health;
  • A zest of lemon , for a better taste experience;
  • Does not contain THC.

Conservation :

Store at room temperature, in a dry place, protected from light. Avoid major thermal shocks.

Remarks :

  • Product prohibited for under 18s.
  • Product not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

NOBILIS PRODUCT hemp oil is not a medicine. The above information does not replace medical advice and cannot in any way engage our responsibility.

Capacity : 10mL
Product category: CBD oils-CBG oils-CBN oils


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